Position adjustment integration

for Universal Robots

When working with an arm mounted on a mobile platform a challenge is to reach a sufficiently high level of precision. For this Enabled Robotics has developed an easy to use solution where the well-known programming interface of the Universal Robots is extended with functionality for calibrating programs to the environment. The functionality includes a set of new commands to be used directly in the programming of the robot and features for easy robot to sensor calibration.

Inspection and analysis of large objects

For inspection and analysis of large objects it is necessary that the robot can move around to inspect all sides of the part. For this Enabled Robotics have developed a product in which a CAD model of the part is loaded and a number of inspection points are specified. Based on this information the system plans target positions for the mobile platform, use a tool mounted scanner to estimate the robot relative to part position and finally plan paths for the arm to reach the inspection points.

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